Our Freedom

Our Freedom

Health care isn’t just about prescription drug prices, market stability, premium and deductible increases, and insurance companies; it’s about our freedom.

My father worked until he was 72 because the insurance for my mom was too expensive for him to retire. He died the year he retired and it breaks my heart that they missed out on all the things they had planned, like their trip to Alaska.

That’s not freedom. We are not free when we’re forced to make decisions based strictly on access to a health insurance plan. Send me to Washington and I will follow the money and fight every day to make durable changes to this system. 

As an insurance agent working to help families find affordable health care, I know what it feels like to watch families struggle with how to pay for a plan. As a legislator, I co-authored a bill to put our MN Care public plan on the exchange.

Health Care Priorities

  • "Follow the Money"
  • Reduce the age of eligibility for Medicare to 55
  • Stabilize the individual market by allowing states to create public options
  • Keep cost sharing subsidies
  • Negotiate the cost of prescription drugs
  • Keep the 10 Essential Health Benefits, including mental health and addiction
  • Changes to the system should accomplish:
    • Lower cost 
    • Increase access
    • Maintain benefits
    • Protect our rural health system


Anti-Trust Mergers

Keeping families on their farms is critical to the success of our communities in Southern Minnesota. My husband and I made the painful decision to leave the family farm in Windom and move our insurance agency - which we started to supplement our income - to Owatonna. I know what it feels like to make these difficult decisions.

Agriculture isn’t just about innovation, crop insurance, free trade agreements that must be fair trade agreements, and a farm bill. This is about our neighbors who work hard so they can pass their farm onto their children and keep it in the family for generations. My roots are in agriculture and I’ll never stop fighting for farm families.

Livable Wage

  • A hard day's work deserves a livable wage
  • Use a formula-based approach to setting livable wage by region

Pro-Growth Tax Reform

There is NO reason to transfer wealth from the working class to the wealthy. We need to simplify and modernize the tax codes.  

  • Close corporate tax loopholes
  • Reduce tax on working class through Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) expansion
  • Reduce and modernize business taxes
  • Raise the Research Tax Credit
  • Eliminate tax breaks for businesses that send jobs overseas
  • Tax all income, investment or otherwise, as income
  • Focus on investments in human capital (workers)

Net Neutrality

Thanks to an Internet that works the same for everyone, broader competition across countless industries has flourished. Stripping Net Neutrality takes the ability to compete in the marketplace away from many Main Street businesses.