Public Service

My story is about lifelong learning and having the courage and determination to make a better life for us. It’s also about how my passion for people and understanding what they are going through led to my commitment to public service for:

Our Families

  • Passed Military Retirement State Income Tax Elimination
  • Worked to increase funding for mental health treatment and reduce Homelessness for our Veterans
  • Created Child Care Affordability Task Force
  • Carried tax credits for working families, property owners and students

Our Communities

  • Secured resources for Hwy 14, Corridors of Commerce, local bonding projects
  • Provided Resources for Rural Economic Development
  • Created Rural Teacher and Physician Shortage Solutions
  • Equalized Rural School Funding

Our Main Street Businesses

  • A well educated skilled workforce
  • Affordable Housing
  • Business Tax Reforms

Our Family Farms

  • Voted for Agriculture property tax cuts
  • Co-Authored Broadband funding bill
  • Advocate for transportation for cities under 5,000
  • Working for the protection of landowner rights

And Our Safety

  • Carried domestic and sexual violence along with child protection bills
  • Passed Railroad Safety Bill to provide training for first responders
  • Enacted family death benefits for volunteer firefighters