In School

After graduating from Appleton High School, I attended Moorhead State University until I could no longer afford to continue. Looking for alternatives to obtain higher education, I went to work at Citibank in Sioux Falls SD, where I qualified for their tuition reimbursement program and began taking classes at Augustana College.   

Promotions led to a position as an efficiency analyst within the Operational Control department. Our task was to evaluate each department within Citibank, make efficiency recommendations, ensure security and safety protocols were in place, and verify costs were correctly reflected on the balance sheet.

Our family, my husband and our two children, Miranda and Ryan, had access to several benefits offered by Citibank, including affordable health care and an onsite daycare center. All that changed when my marriage ended after twelve years and the kids and I moved back to Minnesota to be close to family. 

As a single parent, I needed to earn enough to live but prioritized spending time with the kids. With that in mind, I went to work in a manufacturing plant working three twelve-hour overnight shifts on the weekends. It provided for our needs until the plant closed and I was offered training through the dislocated worker program and attended South Central College.   


I fight for public education because I know first hand how education and job training is the key to opening doors and providing opportunities for all of us.