Our Family on the Farm


I met my husband, Trevor, and we lived in Windom, MN where we were active on his family's farm. Without enough land for three families, Trevor started an insurance agency and I worked for an online training and development company as a technical writer. As the agency grew and the ability to purchase land continued to decline, we made the painful decision to leave the farm. An insurance agency was offered to us and we moved our family to Owatonna, where we own and operate an independent insurance agency.

Since that time I have been advocating for farm families as a member of Farmer's Union and as the Secretary Treasurer of Steele County Farmers Union. I am also a member of Farm Bureau. When I ran for State Senate I was endorsed by both farm organizations. I was in Washington fighting against the vertical integration of livestock processing, for ethonol standards and against the consolidation and mergers of seed companies. 


I fight for farm families because thier land is their legacy and they should be able to pass it on to their children. Families on farms is the very best way to grow our food, take care of our precious resources and keep our rural communities growing and reaching our full growth potential.