Vicki Jensen
One of Us. Working for all of us.
MN 1st Congressional District

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I raised my family, served on the school board, advocated for farm families, started a business, and served as State Senator in the Minnesota Legislature right here alongside you - right here in our district.

Our paths in life don't always go the way we think. But as long as our choices serve our values and it moves us forward, it's a path worth considering. I refuse to give up. I’m ready to go to work for you and I hope you join me in this fight to keep this seat. 

In Congress, I would be interested in serving on the following committees:

Agriculture: The 2018 Farm Bill is in the process of being drafted. Strong Minnesota farms mean strong rural communities. I'm a longtime farm family advocate who will fight for a quality bill. Read more HERE.

Transportation: Our infrastructure needs work. I'm committed to finding new solutions for current and future challenges. Read more HERE.

Commerce/Energy: Building an economy that will continue to grow in the years ahead means preparing for the future. On every aspect of commerce from energy storage to public-private partnerships, we must keep Southern Minnesota on the cutting edge in the global marketplace by continuing to seek new ideas and better solutions. Read more HERE.

Science and Technology: Farmers rely on it. Businesses rely on it. Students rely on it. We must treat science as what it is...the search for truth. Research, analysis, and innovation are critical for our economic and security interests. Read more HERE.

"Her legislation providing fallen volunteer firefighters the same health benefits to their families as full-time firefighters, along with her work requiring railroads to pay into a fund providing information and training to first responders proves she will look out for us.”  

St James City Council Member Joshua Haseman

"We need leaders in Congress like Vicki Jensen. She has the record of fighting for students and teachers and is committed to early childhood education, adequate funding for our public schools, closing the achievement gap, and renewing the Children's Health Insurance Program."

Teacher and Former Candidate for MN House Linda Walbruch

“I had the opportunity to work with Vicki Jensen while trying to secure funding for Hwy 14. She was a champion of the issue and what the issue represents during her time in the Minnesota Senate. I know she will replicate the results for Southern Minnesota that she got for her Senate District and the surrounding communities.”

New Ulm Mayor Robert Beussman

“I’m proud to endorse Vicki Jensen for the open seat in the First District. I fought alongside Vicki in the Senate to allow undocumented workers to obtain driver’s training and access to insurance. This is an especially important issue in rural Minnesota where a car is necessary to get to work, to bring kids to school, and to improve lives in our communities. Vicki and I both understood that driver’s licenses meant safer travel on Minnesota roads.”

Minnesota State Senator Patricia Torres Ray

“Vicki Jensen is the right person to succeed Tim Walz in Congress for our district. Her work, leadership, and knowledge of our infrastructure has led to some of the largest steps forward for Hwy 14 in decades. That same motivation and ability to get results will bring Southern Minnesotans better opportunities and less negative interference from Washington.”

Nicollet County Commissioner Jack Kolars

“Vicki is and has always been one of us. This district deserves someone who understands the issues we face because she has lived them and worked on them in the State Senate. Vicki is the only one in the race who has delivered results for Southern Minnesota and the only one who can continue to deliver them from Congress.”

Former Minnesota Rep. Patti Fritz

“We need a representative in Washington who understands the district and can get things done. That’s why I’m convinced Vicki is the right person to succeed Tim Walz in Congress,” said Sparks. “As a business owner and agriculture advocate, she understands the issues facing the district and will do the work to get results for the people she represents.”

Minnesota State Senator Dan Sparks

"In 2013, I watched as Vicki displayed extraordinary courage and humanity when she cast her vote on the Senate floor for marriage equality. It was a risky vote. Many in her district disagreed. But she did it, not because it was good politics, but because it was the right thing to do.

That's what I admire about Vicki; she'll have those tough conversations. She'll reach out to those who disagree, but do so without being disagreeable -- and without compromising her principles."

Minnesota State Senator Scott Dibble